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Ethical Mail is an email provider with a difference. We offer all the best bits of email communication, but without intrusive ads. This means you can enjoy efficient, reliable and secure email access, but we don’t mine your data or target you with annoying adverts. Plus, we take sustainability seriously and limit our impact on the environment by using green power and carbon neutral servers.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, so commercial interests do not compromise security or performance.

As we are not funded by advertisers, there is a monthly fee which gives you a new email address, storage and webmail access. You can use your favourite email program like Outlook or Thunderbird as well.

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Provide an efficient and secure email service, which is ad-free, private and sustainable.

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We are a transparent and sustainable not-for-profit organisation. We welcome feedback and questions. Contact us here.

What it means for you

Ad free? What’s wrong with ads?

You’ve probably experienced how distracting online adverts can be and it’ll be no surprise that they make you less productive. It's not just the time you lose closing those annoying pop-ups, ads also occupy some of your brain space and therefore decrease your attention span.

Ads can be a risk for your computer as well. Even popular websites have been serving viruses to their visitors due to malicious ads they include from third party agencies. This shifty business is called malvertising.

In our view, the most disturbing thing about ads is the magnitude of data they collect. The advertising industry is able to track users across websites and records everything they can. There’s a fair chance that advertisers know what you read, what you like, how old you are, your gender, your cultural background and much more.

You can protect yourself to a degree by using an ad blocker like uBlock Origin for Chrome or Firefox. They skip ads on Youtube and Tenplay as well. But we’ve tackled the problem at its source, as Ethical Mail avoids all downsides of ads by simply not having them. Most websites load twice as fast without ads, so being ad-free makes our service faster and more efficient. And you enjoy fewer distractions, save data when browsing from your phone and also have peace of mind you’re not providing data which fuels advertising campaigns.

Private and secure

Our mission is to provide a private and secure email service. As a not-for-profit organisation, funded by our customers, we have no interest to mine or sell your data. We store only minimal information as described in our Privacy Policy. In some cases we may be legally obliged to hand out crime-related data to government agencies. There may also be secret services intercepting communication. Some of that is out of our control, but we are trying everything technically and legally possible to protect your data. Communication with our website is always encrypted and we closely follow the latest developments in security technology.

You can add another layer of protection by using end-to-end encryption, for example with the email program Thunderbird and its plugin Enigmail.

It ensures that only you can read your emails with a digital key stored on your computer.

Australian servers

This website and our email services are hosted on a server in Sydney, provided by the Australian company Digital Pacific. Having an Australian server makes accessing your emails much faster than using servers overseas. It also avoids the use of unnecessary internet infrastructure, like the cables connecting the continents.

Carbon neutral

Our hosting company provides us with carbon neutral hosting:

“Digital Pacific has committed to conducting Quarterly reviews of its carbon footprint, estimating the emissions generated for every aspect of its business including the daily operation and maintenance of hosting servers, routers and air conditioners. Following each review the company will purchase carbon credits to cover one hundred per cent of its estimated emissions.”

Operations in our own offices are minimal. We work from home (no transport), use scrap paper for notes and power our computers with renewable energy. Our bank is certified responsible and is carbon neutral as well. We are always open to new ideas about how we can operate more sustainably. We’d love to hear from you at